Your all-in-one virtual gym.

We took the hassle out of teaching fitness online. Imagine your studio or gym as a digital twin where you can teach, bill and manage your classes in real-time, face-to-face from everywhere. Join as an instructor!

Our world has changed. 🌋

We know it became much harder to run a fitness business. So, we just ship the things you need and have everything else removed. We've turned everything you know into a one stop shop. No more juggling between Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, PayPal, sending links via mail manually, Zoombombing, etc... We just blew all that Covid induced business pain away.

The ultimate web video conferencing app made for sports.

Distraction-free. Dead simple interface. Interactive face-to-face training. Automated access control. Community feeling.

Comes with fully integrated studio management features.

Seamless payment and accounting. Weekly payouts. Personal branded page and calendar. Automated access management. One-tap bookings.

But how much can I earn with Haltera?

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You could earn

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per month less our service fee of 20%.

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The ultimate web video conferencing app made for sports.

Imagine your current studio or gym, but all digital and it’s yours — without paying a rent. You have a common waiting room for warming up and cooling down. You can train your students and you can correct individual students if necessary through individual conversations. You own 80% of all your earnings — with no hidden extras!

Simplest interface Face-to-face training Real-time streaming Community feeling Access Control
Instructor teaching a class online with 20 students.

Your frictionless virtual studio assistant.

Can you imagine doing exactly what you do best? No more juggling with multiple tools? An amazing personal brand, finances under control, automatic booking? We have built that and nothing else for you. Meet Haltera.

Integrated payments Weekly payouts Personal branded schedule One-tap bookings Automated calendar invitations
Fitness Instructor teaching a student via video.

See what our partners are saying.

Fitness Instructor teaching a student via video.

Anastasia Shevchenko

Founder ANA SHE YOGA, Berlin Yoga Conference

I know the team behind Haltera personally and I can vouch for them. They are professional, friendly, helpful and always trying to perfect their service, continuously searching for better ways of doing things. I can recommend the platform to people who seek a solution for streaming online coaching sessions with minimalist design and more emphasis on the individual experience

Fitness Instructor teaching a student via video.

Imran Khan

Instructor at Soho House

As an instructor at Soho House, and formerly Equinox, I can say my personal brand on Haltera is better represented than on platforms like Zoom or MS Teams.

Fitness Instructor teaching a student via video.

Sabine Kroh

Midwife and founder of

As midwife and founder of, I give my personal pre-natal and regression courses and consultations via Haltera - and so do our more than 40 international midwives and doctors at call-a-midwife.

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