Your everywhere gym.

Grow stronger and faster together, everywhere and in real time.

Colored marble background with a fitness trainer on a screen doing acrobatics.

Fitness runs through our veins.

To eat and live right is woven into our DNA. We jump, lift, dance and move. We fire each other up and challenge ourselves to train harder and faster. We reshape our bodies, one workout at a time — no time for excuses. Unleash your full strength. Join Haltera. Grow stronger.

Young colourful self-confident girl with boxing gloves and graphic dynamic elements.

You, them, and me. We train better as one.

Our rockstar instructors will guide you through an inspiring and quivering fitness experience that fits your lifestyle along with like-minded people. The Haltera experience is tribal. It is primal. It's intense, effective and fun at the same time.

Young colourful self-confident girl with boxing gloves and graphic dynamic elements.

Our virtual studio as it all..

All your favorite workout styles.

HIIT, strength training, hatha, combat, yoga, mobility flows, pilates, breathwork... You want it? We've got it. Find your niche or just jump on the top of trends.

Two cheeky coloured teenagers looking into the camera and an app that shows different types of sports.

Grow stronger with less time lost.

We take care of your personal and precious schedule. So enjoy our 30-45 minute high intensity fitness classes.

Young man flying through the air with a medicine ball and an app showing a counter.

Pay per class. Not for your idle membership.

No more inflexible memberships you’ll never use. At Haltera you finally pay for what you use. Use a few taps to book your on-the-go trainings.

Young man in the street with headphones, who is booking a course with Haltera on his smartphone.

Real-time personal advice.

Within our virtual studio we don’t broadcast or use recorded classes. Every class is held in real-time. Train face-to-face with your instructor. Watch and listen when you want to or ask if you need to.

Fitness Instructor teaching a student via video.

Better beats for your muscles.

We grew up with the best DJ’s on the planet. We’re not into music culture, it’ in our veins, at least 16 hours a day. Enjoy our finest selection of beats that get your body moving.

Happy young girl with headphones and a Spotify app in the foreground.

Treat yourself well.

Give your spiritual self a healthy dose of relaxing workouts to recharge your batteries.

Woman with red lipstick in bathtub while meditating and a meditation app in the foreground.

Join the rumble ✊🏻.

We’re not another fitness brand. We’ll go to Mars and beyond.