in real-time.

We make interactive digital fitness training possible from any place and remove the usual hassle associated with it. Sweat, lift, jump, dance with best-in-class instructors via video anywhere and in real time.

Haltera in a heartbeat.

We built a super simple virtual gym for you. No glitches, no unused memberships and less time lost. Alone or together with like-minded enthusiasts.

Next-level virtual gym

Train face to face like in real life. In person and in real time.

Dead simple payment

Pay for what you use. No recurring fees you don’t need.

Maximum efficiency

Traveling and waiting time off. High-intensity workouts on.

Next-level virtual gym.

Our virtual gym transforms your work-outs into pure joy and extasy. No one-way teaching. Every class is held in real time. Train face-to-face with your instructors. No travel time to your gym. Personal training without extra costs. We designed a virtual gym with the best experience the world has ever seen.

In real time Personal assistance Face to face with like-minded people
Fitness Instructor teaching a student via video.

Pay as you go. Not for your idle membership.

At Haltera you finally pay for what you use. Just a few taps and your on-the-go trainings are booked.

No upfront costs Fast and simple booking Automatic calendar invites
Booking a fitness class via your smartphone.

Make the most of your time.

Usually you spend a lot of time traveling to the gym, getting dressed, waiting at the machines, taking a shower, and then driving back. All this is no longer necessary. You can just get going. Do high-intensity workouts and choose your favorite location. This ist Haltera.

No travel time Train at your favorite spot High-intensity work-outs
Woman doing stretching.

Join the rumble ✊🏻.

We’re not another fitness brand. We’ll go to Mars and beyond.