Now, this is a story all about

how things got flipped-turned upside down.

Philip and Vito - the founders of Haltera, know each other from their hometown Heidelberg. Born in the German Kurpfalz, and stranded in Berlin. But now each with a wife and two daughters. They knew each other, but not really. Vito's office, however, offered Heidelberg folks a place on the sidewalk with beer and lots of music. Eventually, they became really good friends and exchanged ideas about business, food, drinks, fitness and health – particularly the latter.

In 2019 Vito suffered from a sports injury and spent 6 weeks in his bed. During this time he developed the first concept for Haltera. First prototypes and drawings, some code, approaches for a brand, and a vision for product design were developed.

But it actually took nine months and Corona to finally get Philip and Vito to design a much better remote fitness experience for people with a simpler and smarter product. It was Philip who foresaw the problems in the fitness industry due to the pandemic. Within three months, they built Haltera from the ground up. But it isn't just about technology. It's about togetherness and friendship, in real life and in digital life.

The mission

Bring people together to grow’ em stronger and fitter. Let fitness be more accessible to everyone, anytime, in real time, through technology, anywhere in the world. Let’s supercharge our batteries. Join the hustle and bustle of Haltera. We are here to change things.